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Daily Tarot


My last draw from the Halloween Tarot, now that Samhain has passed, I’m ready to change it up to a new deck. Though I will miss the whimsical energy of these cards, this deck has quickly become a firm favorite with me.

Today we have the Seven of Imps and Knight of Pumpkins.

The Seven of Imps brings us a bit of a challenge. There is sense of uncertainty and the knowledge that we are taking a risk in tackling this endeavor. The Imp leading the trek is pointing out, to his fellow hikers, that nothing is ever gained without risk.
They have the ability to tackle the climb, they just need to have faith in their ability to do so.

The Knight of Pumpkins is a steady, reliable kind of guy. He is young, but not so young that the inexperience of youth is a disadvantage.
He is dependable, patient, efficient and not one to shy away from hard work.
His detriment, is his tendency to get bogged down in the details. He gets so caught up in planning every minute detail and devising for every possible problem, he never quite gets around to putting all that theory into practise!

There looks to be a bit of adventure ahead here. The chance to take on something that will be memorable and rewarding. Just as in the image on the Seven of Imps, I get the sense of hiking and even mountain climbing. Both of these things require stamina, patience, preparation and hard work. Fortunately, these qualities are the Knight of Pumpkins’ strongest traits.

Maybe your ‘mountain’ is something a bit more mundane, like facing something that frightens you, or confronting your fear of failure.
The sense of achievement after having faced your fears head on, will far outweigh the initial apprehension.

These cards tell you to put your fears aside and go for it. You are more than capable of achieving your dreams, so long as you can put your fears aside and have faith in your ability to conquer any difficulties that may arise.

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Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, Seven of Bats and Two of Bats.

The Seven of Bats has been making itself known these past few weeks, I just can’t work out it’s significance.
Just in case, I have been taking extra care to ensure I lock my house and car, when I am away from them. (Yet, I have to wonder if their is a connection with my bank card strangely disappearing today.)
Although, being in the airy realm of bats, signifying intellect and communication, this is more likely to be the theft of ideas.
The seven of Bats denotes theft, cunning, deception, caution, and independant thinking.

The Two of Bats represents choice, indecision, truces and consideration. Here, a decision needs to be made, but you are sitting on the fence, just hoping it will all go away. Bad news, the hard choices are going nowhere, the situation will only get worse. Bite the bullet and pick your path.

But add the Seven of Bats to this and I see the need for very careful consideration. Rushing in to a decision is not a good idea right now. You are advised to take your time and consider all sides of the situation.
There is also something here that you are not yet aware of. Wait that little bit longer and see what else, or who else, pops up into this dilemma.

It would also be a good idea to seek other opinions here as well. There is another way of approaching the situation, but you are too emotionally involved to see it.
Seeking the opinion of someone who is completely impartial could open your eyes to avenues you have not yet considered. This valuable viewpoint will likely come from someone you least expect.
Opening your eyes and your mind will be of help in this regard.

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Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, Queen of Pumkins and Ten of Bats.

The Queen of Pumpkins has been making a regular appearance these last few days. She is the earth-mother type. Happiest in the home, caring for her family and creating beautiful, yet practical things.

The Ten of Bats is one of those dreaded cards. Betrayal, hurt and finality. Yet, it also carries a message of hope. The worst is over and you can now be at peace. The darkness will not last forever, the sun will rise again, bringing with it the promise of a new day and a fresh start.

With my focus set firmly on Samhain, I can’t help but notice the similarities. We can look at the Queen as the Goddess, Demeter. She is now in mourning for her daughter, Persephone, lost once again to Hades and the Underworld.
As Demeter laments her loss, she refuses to fertilize the Earth, effecting the barren months of winter. Demeter is more traditionally depicted as The Empress, but the Queen of Pumpkins seems to fit just as well.

The Ten of Bats is the earth laying dormant, Demeter no longer active. We could look at this card literally as well, you can easily see Persephone, seemingly descending under the Earth.

The Ten of Bats does not depict physical death, residing in the airy suit of swords, the realm of the mind. But in this instance we will read it as such. Acknowledgement of the cycles of death and rebirth, and honoring those that have gone before us, is a huge part of Samhain.

The number 10 depicts the end of a cycle, in this interpretation, this cycle is the ending of the solar year. And yet, we know, the sun will soon enough return to us, nothing lasts forever, and that includes winter.

Happy Halloween!

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Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, The Hermit and Seven of Bats.

The Hermit is about looking within, of removing yourself from the run of everyday life and using that time to seek inner and wider truths. He embodies reflection, meditation and knowledge.
Sometimes this solitary lifestyle is forced upon us, other times it is chosen. But no matter how you get the, the common thread is learning and understanding. Of using your time apart from the world to contemplate the mysteries of yourself and the universe.

Again, the Seven of Bats. This card seems to be appearing a lot lately.
As well as it’s more common meaning of theft and deception, the Seven of Bats speaks of someone who is independant and able to think outside the box. He is skilled at using his strategic mind to overcome any obstacles in his path. He is very wilful, determined and street smart. Im a sticky situation, this is the guy, or girl, you want on your side. Just don’t make an enemy of this person.

This combination has really had me scratching my head. Yet, I have found the best way to overcome Tarot blocks such as these, is to simply look for the common ground in the given cards. Here, that would be independence.

It is time to set out on your own, to forge your own path and seek the answers that ring true to you personally. You study and learn much easier when you do it alone anyway.
Maybe you have hit a bit of a wall in your search for enlightenment or your studies. Think outside the box and try some different ways of learning. If you normally study in groups, or are a member of a coven, try setting out on your own, being a solitary. You might find the answers have beenthere all along, yet you just haven’t discovered them, the noise of the group is drowning out your own individual ways of thinking.

You are a very independant person, who really doesn’t mind being alone, in fact, you probably prefer it. Use this time to read books you normally wouldn’t. Try different ways of doing things.

You could even use this time to yourself to learn a new skill, or start a new hobby. There are a lot of possibilities, just open your mind and cast your net. You never know what you might catch.

It is interesting that the Hermit appears so close to Samhain, a time of drawing inward, exploring inner landscapes and seeking growth and enlightenment.

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Daily Tarot


Drawn from the Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot, the Knight of Wands and The Chariot.

The Knight of Wands is action, energy, determination and lust. He is a young, fiery and passionate person, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He has limitless energy and is unstoppable once he has set his mind to something. When he has somewhere to direct this abundant energy, all is well. Without direction he is an impulsive risk-taker, who can easily get himself into trouble.

The Chariot pairs well with our fiery Knight. Here also, is plentiful drive, determination and energy. The Chariot gives the Knight a positive spin, giving him the intense focus he so badly needs.
In The Chariot, the Knight has found his passion, something to direct his restless energy into.

The cards give me a strong impression of both speed and strength. Knights represent teenagers and young adults. If you have a young person who has a license or has just bought his (or her) first car, be sure he understands the consequenses of fast and unsafe driving and moniter him carefully. If you have any misgivings, take away his keys!

My other impression is of action oriented sports, such as football, or race car driving. Any sport that requires a lot of drive, focus, stamina, energy and passion.

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Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, the Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Pumpkins.

A double of Pumpkins, or Pentacles, places us firmly in reality. The suit of Pumpkins is all things material, or that which you can touch. Pumpkins is your house, belongings, money and your body.
Here is a need to focus on the basics, your budget or your health. Take care to eat well and look after yourself. The Nine suggests money is not a worry, but reckless spending is never a good idea.

The Queen of Pumpkins is the Goddess of the hearth. She takes great pride in her home and her family. Her house is tidy, her husband fed and her children well dressed.
This Queen is very creative, but in a practical sense. She indulges her creativity with cooking hearty meals, cake decorating, sewing, knitting or making beautiful things for her home.
She takes good care of herself as well, her hair is always shining, her clothes fashionable and her nails are done. She enjoys her luxuries and isn’t afraid to spoil herself, as she is comfortably well off.

The Nine of Pumpkins is very alike the Queen. She is abundance, luxury, leisure and self-sufficiency. She is well off and has all that she needs. She revels in all that she has, her home is her castle. She has a deep affinity with nature and loves to be surrounded by it’s riches.

I have pretty much described myself here, both these cards resonate with me strongly. I identify with the Queen of Pentacles and the Nine describes my situation quite well.
These cards describe someone well off, creative and happy in their own skin. There is not much that worries her, she has all that she wants in life, and is very self-sufficient. She is happy to be alone. She has friends but leads a fairly solitary life, surrounding herself only with her immediate family.
She has a strong affinity with nature and natural cycles and is most likely Pagan.
Very hands on, she spends her spare time immersed in creating beautiful things.
She is practical and loyal, and will stick by her friends and family through thick and thin.

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Daily Tarot


From the Halloween Tarot, Six of Bats and The Wheel of Fortune.

The Six of Bats, or Swords, represents moving forwards. It is leaving a place, situation, person or stage of your life, knowing you won’t be returning. There is no going back now. There is a heavy element of regret here, a lot of what-ifs and sadness, even depression. Yet, you know you have outgrown this place, it is time to move on, to leave the past behind you. Don’t look back with regrets, focus on the future and the journey that now lies ahead of you.

The Wheel of Fortune carries some of the same elements as the Six of Bats. It too speaks of change, of moving through different stages and the ups-and-downs of life. Yet, this Major Arcana card speaks of fate. You have no control over where it takes you, only how you deal with wherever it lands you. The Wheel also gives reassurance that the bad times don’t last. Good days will soon come around again, it’s just a matter of waiting it out.

These two cards carry a strong impression of change. Life never stays the same. No matter where we are in life, we will eventually have to move on, to change and transform.
One card being a Major, gives this interpretation a lot of weight, and focuses us squarely on the bigger picture. Think of all the stages we go through in our lifetime, the changes we make and the changes that are forced upon us. From babyhood, to childhood, to the teenage years, adulthood, and finally, old age. We have no control over any of this, every one of us will grow old and eventually die.

What we can control, however, is our attitude and perspective. Knowing that what we have, and where we are, won’t last forever, helps us to enjoy the moment. To appreciate the little things, to stop forever looking to the past or the future. In hindsight we look back at times past and realise how wonderful that time was. Sadly, in the moment, we don’t see the golden years of our lives. Don’t appreciate the good times or the people around us, until they are gone.  Being happy in this very moment is a hard thing to do. Young people look to the future for happiness, as we get older we look to the past.

Take some time today to appreciate and give thanks for the moment, for what we have right here and now. Children, pets, partners, friends, our homes, everything.
Imagine being old, at the end of your life, what will be your dominate memory? You will likely find that right now, you are living that future memory, that happiness is now, happiness is in this very moment. Don’t let the best years of your life slip away, while dreaming of a better time. That time is now.

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Daily Tarot


From Halloween Tarot, Eight of Bats and Three of Bats.

In the world of the Halloween Tarot, Bats equate to the suit of Swords. Swords are generally a pretty fierce suit, tending towards the torturous aspects of letting the mind run wild. This is clearly seen in the 9 of Swords, laying awake at night, tormented by your own thoughts.

The Eight of Bats is feeling helpless, trapped, isolated and full of despair. The important thing to recognize here, it that you are inflicting these feelings on yourself. Everyone goes through hard times, yet it is how we choose to deal with them that makes all the difference. Try for a positive attitude, look at what you have, rather than what you don’t, and watch a hopeless situation turn to hope. It’s all in your perceptions.

There is no softening the impact of the Three of Bats. Here lies heartbreak, loss, rejection and betrayal. Often this indicates the sudden, and bad, ending of a relationship. This is compounded by the fact that, until now, you had thought everything was going fine.
There is a lot of pain contained within this card. In a lot of decks, the heart is pierced with three swords, that says it all really.

Even though the Three indicates pain and heartbreak, the Eight balance this out some. Remember, perspective! If we can look at a betrayal or painful experience as one of learning and growth, we can take the power back. With every hurt we have learnt a lesson, become stronger, wiser.
The very worst scenario can provide us an opportunity to, like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes, renewed, stronger and transformed for the better.


Eight of Swords?



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Daily Tarot

Halloween Tarot

Halloween Tarot


Today’s draw is the Page of Pumpkins and Four of Pumpkins.


Double Pumpkins, or Pentacles, indicates this is a time to be realistic and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Astute planning would be advised for any ventures undertaken at this time. Certainly not the time for adverse risk taking or flying by the seat of your pants.


The Page of Pumpkins is a studious and sensible one. She is realistic, grounded and ready to begin a new venture. Again, sensibility and planning is suggested.


The Four of Pumpkins rears its head for the second time this week. It brings security and control.


The strong message of these cards, and the suit, is stability and grounding. In order to get a good start on a new project, there is a need to find inner and outer, quiet and stillness.

Spend some time alone, find some inspiration and see what develops. If you’re struck with that bolt of inspiration, make planning a priority. Remember, this is a time to plant the seed of future ventures, and plan the work and tending required to make it grow.

Be realistic, but enjoy this time of quiet potential and abundant creativity.


On the other hand, sometimes the Tarot can be extremely literal. This looks to be a perfect time to sow the seeds for that new garden. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, as I do, Autumn is upon us. This is the season of planting bulbs, to think ahead to those splashes of colour, during the darkest, dreariest days of winter.

For all you green-thumbs, the signs are good for the growth of your plants this, or next season.  Get outside and get your hands into the soil.

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Daily Tarot

Halloween Tarot

Halloween Tarot


The Ace of Pumpkins is a seed with potential for growth and great success. The Aces are all very positive cards, and Pumpkins being of the element of Earth, this Ace indicates material and physical aspects.

The Six of Ghosts (Cups) is focused on the past. It is where you’ve been, where you have come from, where it all began. This card encourages you to look to the past to find the solutions and the answers that you seek.

Combine the two and the seeds of growth are rooted in the past. Look to your childhood for hobbies and interests that have been forgotten along the way.

This could also indicate an exercise routine. Finding it hard to get the exercise you need? What did you do as a kid? Where you part of a sport team? Rode horses?

It could be your future enterprise is something you once started, but got laid aside and forgotten. It would be worth your while to rediscover the joys and passions of childhood, what made you tick back then? Reconnect with days gone by and you may just find your next big success for the future.


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