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Samhain Eve 

Tonight the veils are thin. The dead, our ancestors, return home.  
Samhain Eve is my favorite night of the year.  It’s a pretty quiet one for me, but I find solitude to be the best way to spend this most sacred night. 

Quiet reflection on the year that has been, a very transformative one for me, this has been a year of growth and change.  A year of letting go and embracing the unknown. 
I sit quietly by candlelight and scry into my crystal ball.  I draw tarot spreads of reflection, studying the lessons that have been learnt. This year there have been many. 

I sit quietly among the spirits of my ancestors and listen for their words of wisdom.  I welcome the embrace of the Dark Mother and the lessons she has for me on this night. Having immersed myself in the cauldron of rebirth throughout this year, I feel ever closer to her.  

Blessed Samhain ūüéÉ

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Daily Tarot


The cards of these last three days have a strong spiritual calling. The Queen of  Pentacles and The Empress spoke to me of connecting with the natural rhythms of the earth. Combine this with The High Priestess and there is a connection between the outer world and spiritual development.

There is a calling here, a chance to tap into the subconscious, the intuition. To connect with nature is a way of developing our own inner worlds. Meditation, dream work and shamanic practice will be very enlightening at this time. There is an opportunity for spiritual growth and development.

The High Priestess is magickal knowledge. This knowledge is not taught, it is intuited, found in nature, developed from within. Take the time to be still, reflect, hear your subconscious speak to you. What you discover will be profound, with the potential to elevate and grow spiritually.

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Daily Tarot


The Ten of Cups is the bonds of family. We gain a lot from the family unit, support, love, friendship and security.  We tend to take our families for granted sometimes,  so the Ten of Cups is a reminder to treasure these ties.

Take a moment today to reflect on all that your family means to you, the happiness they give you. Spend time with your children, kiss your husband, buy your wife roses.
Appreciate the love and memories you share together and all that you do for each other.

I came across a quote, somewhere on the internet, yesterday:  Think of the things you wish you had done with someone you have lost, then do them with someone you still have.

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Two of Swords

The Two of Swords brings to mind a character in one of my favorite, much read, books, Tully by Paullina Simons. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. As well as being a great read, it will also give you an in-depth understanding of the Two of Swords.

Doubt and Indecision.  Two of Swords- Witches Tarot

Doubt and Indecision. Two of Swords РWitches Tarot

Indecision is what this card is all about. It is sitting on the fence, hoping the problem will go away, without you having to decide one way or the other.

Funny thing is, I have written several posts about this card, and unhappy with each, I have deleted them. This is a good example of the energy of the Two of Swords. Self-doubt and hesitation are what this card is all about. It even seems to manifest in just trying to write about it!

The calm, reflective stillness of the water in the background is our way around this problem. Calm and logical reflection, putting your head before your heart. The waxing moon connects to the water, suggesting a new opportunity is possible here. The right choice could well lead to a new, unexplored path.

The blindfold symbolizes willful blindness. An ‘if I can’t see it, it will go away’ mentality. This approach is very rarely successful and will usually just lead to more problems.

Even the bench she sits on is suggestive of ‘sitting on the fence”, unwilling to fall to either side in a firm decision.

As with all the Twos, the card is also suggestive of balance. Of the two Swords she holds, we can see one is slightly less upright than the other, implying there is an area of your life that is slightly out of whack. Some time reflecting on your habits and routines will serve you well here.

Again, this post just doesn’t seem complete, and I am feeling indecisive about hitting the publish yet again. Think I’ll take my own advice here and just act on this one.

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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year. At least I hope it was better than mine. I should have jumped in the car and headed up to my hometown. That will definitely be the plan for next year, New Years is way to depressing sitting at home doing nothing!

New Years is a time of reflection, thinking back to years past and what we were doing. Old friends we’ve lost touch with, people, places, those that are no longer with us. ¬†Christmas is a time to spend with family, New Years is for partying with your friends.

New Year is also a time of looking forward, to what we want to achieve in the coming year, our hopes and dreams. I don’t go for Resolutions, I think that is setting yourself up for failure, they never seem to last beyond January.

This turning of the year is especially magickal, as well as starting a new calendar, today is also a New Moon. Also, this month, we have two New Moons. That really bodes well for the year ahead.

I drew a card this morning, New Years Day, asking what was in store for me in the coming year. I drew the Ace of Swords. Aces are all about beginnings, so a great card to begin the year. Swords embody the element of Air, ideas, inspiration and communication.

Ace of Swords

A great card to draw for a fresh start. The winds of change blowing through. I also like the image of the eagle, soaring high on the updrafts. The Ace of Swords says this will be a year of creative inspiration, clarity and mental breakthroughs. Gaining a new understanding on problems and challenges, even a new view on life entirely, maybe even a new creative pursuit or a breakthrough on the ones I already have.  Although this intellectual sharpness also needs to be tempered with compassion and practicality, it is all to easy to get swept up in all these new ideas and forget the needs of those around you. Just like the Sword, this energy is double-edged, it can be wielded for the greater good or for less than honorable intentions. It cuts through to the heart of the matter and is symbolic of truth and justice, standing up for what you believe in and fighting for the greater good.

The Ace of Swords bodes well for a good year ahead.

I wish you all a joyful and prosperous New Year.

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0 The Fool

The following is my personal meditations on The Fool.

I use the term¬†‘she’, because that is how I identify with this archetype, but The Fool has both male and female elements.

So Below Tarot

So Below Tarot

Young, energetic, innocent, naive, full of wonder, excitement and a lust for the experiences of the world.

The Fool slings her pack over her shoulder and sets out to begin her journey, her loyal, faithful and trusty dog by her side.

She has a white rose tucked behind her ear, symbolizing her purity and innocence.

As she sets out on the road in search of experience, wisdom and all the world has to offer, she is bursting with excitement, her head full of the possibilities and adventures that lay ahead.

Whether she sets out to travel the world, or embark on a new path of learning, she is full of optimism and the spirit of adventure.

She is ready and willing to experience all that life has to offer.

She is young, free, wild, and rebellious.

Even a little revolutionary, she is as ready to leave her mark on and change the world, as much as she is eager to explore it.

She is random and intuitive, following only her heart.

She is full of promise and potential, with all life’s¬†options laid out ahead of her.

She can do anything, be anything, her heart desires.

Every day is a new adventure, to be lived to its fullest potential.

She sets out secure in the mindset that ‘everything will be fine’.

She puts her trust in the universe as she takes her first steps out onto the open road.

The Sun shines down upon her, a symbol of her joy, happiness and the beginning of her journey.

0 Fool

In her naiveté, she sees not the possible dangers that may lay ahead.

Oblivious to all that could potentially do her harm.

The snake in the grass, the stranger in the dark, the treacherous and steep cliff edge, are all overlooked in her youthful inexperience and trust.

At times, she unwittingly flirts with danger, dances right along the edge of the precipice.

Yet she sees no danger, feels no fear, absorbed as she is in her dreams, hopes and plans for the road ahead.

Captivated by the beauty that surrounds her, blind to any inherent threat.


Her lone protector, her little dog, watches out for her as best he can.

He barks a warning, nips at her heels, hurries her back from the ledge.

Her furry little comrade keeps her safe, he also provides her company.

He is her only attendant on this long and sometimes perilous journey.

He represents her instinct, her intuition, that little voice that pipes up inside, that says there is danger afoot.

That something is amiss.

At times she will heed that little inner voice, that feeling that something is wrong.

At other times she will ignore it and carry on her way.

She will learn the hard way, to heed her intuitive voice.

Anne Stokes Tarot

Anne Stokes Tarot

The steep and rugged mountain range behind The Fool symbolizes pilgrimages and spiritual paths.

Intrinsically dangerous and treacherous, yet so very rewarding when, if, we reach the summit.

Mountains are also a metaphor for being close to the Gods.

In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was the home of the Gods and Goddesses.


The Fool carries all her worldly belongings in a cloth tied to a staff.

She has with her all she will need for her journey.

What is in that bag?

The four elements.

The raw, undefined power of each suit.

The Aces.

At this stage of her journey, I don’t think she knows how to use these supplies, or even what¬†purpose these life skills will serve.

But she does know, when the time comes, she will acquire the guidance and wisdom to be able to put these items to good use.

0 Initiate

The Fool is the only Tarot card that is not numbered.

This card is zero, infinity, unending.

We could slot this card in anywhere among the Tarot.

The essence of The Fool is in every card of the deck.

Each archetype is a teacher, a guide or a lesson she must learn.

Zero is infinite, never-ending, a loop, signifying re-incarnation and the infinite nature of our souls.


As The Fool takes the first steps of her spiritual development, there is an inkling in her soul, a knowing.

A sense that she has been here before, that she already holds, deep within, the answers that she seeks.

She only needs to be reminded, to re-discover her soul.

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