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A Path Of Many Moons


As the Pagan year slowly winds down, I again find myself drawing inward.
This year had been a time of action and growth for me, both inwardly and outwardly.
I achieved the big goal I had set myself at Yule, losing weight, as well as most of the others.

One of my goals was to build a stronger connection with my Matron Goddess, and in this I have found great success.
Over the year, I have really grown into my identity as a witch.
My magical power has strengthened, my knowledge has increased alongside my understanding.
I have finally developed a solid practice that is uniquely mine.
Reading back through my journals over the past year, my progress has been astounding.

The above photos are a ‘then and now’ collage of my personal altar, my shrine to my Matron, Hecate.
The bottom picture is my first altar, taken at Yule, not long after I began to walk this path.
The top picture is my altar as it is now.

Comparing these two pictures is an indicator of how far I have come.
I can see a greater understanding of my Goddess, as well as myself.
I know now where I am heading, what I wish to achieve in my spiritual growth.
Back in that first picture, I was only casting about, floundering about, at times.

It goes to show, that we must all begin somewhere.
It takes a lot of time, practice and trying things on, to finally reach that moment of clarity.
It took me years until I finally reached the point where I knew where I was heading, what I was doing.

I remember getting confused with all the conflicting information, practising ways that rang hollow to me.
I remember reading invocations from books, word for word, struggling to read by candlelight, and wondering what all the fuss was about.
I certainly wasn’t feeling the energy and magic the books described.
It wasn’t until I gained the confidence to go it alone, to do things my way, to write my own invocations in a way that was true to me, that I began to understand, to truly feel, that magic.

Now that I stand several years down the road from that first picture, I can see that the false starts were necessary.
That the books and traditions that tell you only their way works, only this specific incantation must be read at this specific time, that a circle must only ever be cast clockwise, were wrong.
The only thing that was wrong, was following word for word instructions.
Recipes and instructions work wonderfully for baking a cake, but fall flat when it comes to magick and spiritual growth.
It was only when I had the courage, and wisdom, to throw away the Wicca 101 guides, that I really began to make progress and truly find my way.

Looking back and evaluating my progress, I can only imagine what the future holds.
When I stand, many moons from now, looking back at this time, how much more wisdom will I hold?
During a meditation last night, I was shown a vision of myself as an old woman.
The words, “Work today for the woman you hope to be in the future”.
The only question, who do I really want that woman to be?
But I know the answer to that question, I only need to find the ways to work towards her.

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I’ve Been Busy


My latest creation, this cute little summer dress.
It was intended for my little niece, but due to a sizing mix up, it is too small for her!
I really could have kicked myself when I realized my mistake.

Luckily for me, after this stuff-up, my lovely Husband has purchased a dressmaker’s mannequin for me, so this particular error won’t happen again.
As my niece lives several hours away, I have had to work on measurements alone, which makes it impossible to actually ‘fit’ it to her.
The mannequin serves as a stand in, I can try it on and make adjustments to her body.
If I had had it as I made this dress, I wouldn’t have stuffed it up so irretrievably.

I am now working on another dress for my niece and have put this one up for sale on Ebay.
I shouldn’t have to much trouble selling it, as it is so cute and comfortable.
Nothing like a light cotton dress for those hot summer days. 

Dressmaking can be quite unforgiving, one little mistake can spell disaster.
But for every mistake like this that I make, I learn a tough lesson.
Those lessons serve to make me a better seamstress, and I don’t make the same mistake twice.
Each garment I make is an improvement on the last.

Dressmaking does take a lot of patience, but the pay off is definitely worth it.
I love wearing, and seeing people wear, something that I have created.

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Scrapbooking my Book of Shadows


A Book of Shadows is a fluid creation, it changes and adapts as you do.
I feel my current Book has run it’s course, so I have been scouring Pinterest, for inspiration for the new incarnation.

I have no experience in scrapbooking, and not much idea beyond what I have seen on Pinterest, but have decided to create a hybrid, scrapbook X whatever I feel like sticking in at any given point.
A bit like my old book, but more organised and much prettier.

I have also decided to make this “book” in a ring binder folder. It will make adding on to sections a breeze. I have found a bound book much to restrictive in this regard, and have bits and pieces of the one subject scattered throughout it pages. A folder with movable pages is the perfect answer. Until I am satisfied I have everything I need contained within, a Folder of Shadows will be the way to go.

I have in my possession a beautiful, high quality, leather bound journal, with pages that keep forever. It is to contain my final Grimoire. But I don’t feel that I’m even close to that yet. Knowledge is like a big old oak tree, it grows for hundreds of years. Well, in this case, I’m hoping for about five.

The pages in the photo are to be my sectional title pages. Making the entire thing in this style is appealing, but would be a mammoth task.
So, I’ll scrap the ones I feel like doing and fill the rest with the usual writings, incantations, correspondences and random detrious.

One thing I think will catch on is calligraphy. My scrawled handwriting in my previous book has always irked me. So this one will be written a lot nicer. I bought the required pens today, and my first ever, quick attempt at calligraphy has heartened me, I might just be good at this fancy writing thing.


You can clearly see my progression from shit to not too bad at all.

This is my first ever attempt at calligraphy and, by the time I got to the last few letters, was beginning to get the feel of it.
I have a bit of practise and learning ahead before I start in on my new book though.

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Daily Tarot


The cards of these last three days have a strong spiritual calling. The Queen of  Pentacles and The Empress spoke to me of connecting with the natural rhythms of the earth. Combine this with The High Priestess and there is a connection between the outer world and spiritual development.

There is a calling here, a chance to tap into the subconscious, the intuition. To connect with nature is a way of developing our own inner worlds. Meditation, dream work and shamanic practice will be very enlightening at this time. There is an opportunity for spiritual growth and development.

The High Priestess is magickal knowledge. This knowledge is not taught, it is intuited, found in nature, developed from within. Take the time to be still, reflect, hear your subconscious speak to you. What you discover will be profound, with the potential to elevate and grow spiritually.

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Daily Tarot


Be fair, logical and objective in your dealings with others today. Beware of making harsh judgements until you have gathered and analyzed all of the facts surrounding a situation.

Clarity, education and experience are traits highly prized by the King of Swords. Furthering your education and applying the many intellectual and social skills you possess, will help you advance in your chosen field or ambition. 

Don’t be afraid to draw upon your vast array of knowledge and experience, but beware of coming across as arrogant and cold. An intelligent and strategic mind can achieve brilliance, but should always be tempered with empathy and kindness. Otherwise, the brilliant leader can, all to easily, become the cruel, tyrannical dictator.

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Wizards Tarot


Wizards Tarot is a beautiful deck, rich with symbolism and mythology. It is not so much a divination deck, but more of an introductory course into magick. Though it is in the Rider-Waite format and can be used as such.

Bringing to mind the Harry Potter series, the deck becomes Mandrake Academy, a school for Witches and Wizards. The archetypes of the Major Arcana are your teachers, each teaching a specialist area of magick.

The Minor Arcana represent your fellow students, learning and practising on the Academy’s grounds. The four suits become houses, the strengths and weaknesses of each house are taken from their representing element.  As tradition dictates, the course runs for a year and a day and the corresponding season is shown with each suit/house, a nice touch.

Court cards are the elemental guardians of Mandrake, the Royal families. Here are salamanders, undines, sylphs and trolls.

Wizards Tarot is accompanied by a 141 page softcover book. The book alone is worth buying this deck for. Including a specific spread, magickal instruction, and visualization exercise for each major card.

For newcomers to witchcraft,  this deck would be an invaluable course of study. It also heavily encourages the development of intuition and practical learning over theory, a boon to Tarot enthusiasts, especially beginners. For experienced Witches and Tarot readers, the spreads and visualizations are brilliant and very useful for further development. 

Wizards Tarot is a must have, I highly recommend this deck and look forward to working with these cards for a long time to come.

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Page of Cups

I am a very fortunate woman, in a very fortunate position. I have very few responsibilities. I don’t work, due to my knee problems, and don’t really need too. For a lot of people, this would mean having way to much time on your hands, but this doesn’t apply to me. I have so many hobbies and interests, I am never bored. In fact, I wish there were more hours in the day in which to fit it all in!

I have the freedom of waking in the morning and being able to decide what I will do that day. Will I sew, play guitar, knit, crochet, do some Tarot work? Or maybe just while away a few hours on the PlayStation? Somedays, it is all of the above.

Wonder, delight and Inspiration. - Page of Cups - Witches Tarot -

Wonder, delight and Inspiration. – Page of Cups – Witches Tarot –

My life is a lot like the Page of Cups. I am completely free to indulge my creativity, to make and create. The freedom to find wonder in  fresh inspiration, to learn, nurture and watch it grow.

Not many get to enjoy the privilege of this freedom that I do. Days filled with the drudgery of full-time work, or the responsibility of caring for young children, is the norm for most.

Even the rare ones that, for whatever reason, are at home like me, sit around complaining they are bored. I don’t understand this. Boredom is never a part of my life. How can it be, when there is so much to learn, to explore and discover.

The internet is an open book, the Akashic Records. Humanity’s entire store of knowledge at our fingertips.

The Page of Cups seeks and finds wonderous things on the beach, I do this on the Interwebs. There is so much possibility there, that I just don’t understand how one can possibly be bored. Maybe it is just the mark of the dull mind, those that constantly cry boredom.

Me, I am full of wonder and delight at the prospects. Possibilities of learning and growth, that the human race has never seen the likes of before.  Like this Page, I embrace it with glee, letting the waves of knowledge  and inspiration wash over me.

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What inspired me to learn the tarot?

I have had a set of tarot cards given to me years ago by a family member who had bought them and never took to it. I played around with them from time to time, doing basic ‘readings’ for my family and myself, by rote from the book. I didn’t use them very often, but kept them around, pulling them out again every so often.

It wasn’t until I came across an art deck on Ebay, Gothic Tarot by Anne Stokes, that I really got inspired. I loved this deck on site, but once I received them, I realized the Minor Arcana was not illustrated, just numbered with the symbols of each suit. I wanted to use this deck, and read it properly, not just from a book, so I set out to ‘learn’ the cards.

At first I thought this consisted of not much more than memorizing key words to each card. It soon became apparent that there was much more to it than I had a first thought.
It was then I embarked on a self-taught journey through the Tarot.

My inspiration was that Gothic Deck, but I have since come by another, the Witches’ Tarot, that is perfect for me, and it has become my go-to deck. But the Gothic Deck sits beside my bed in a beautiful, carved wooden box. It is very special to me, as it was the inspiration that set me on this path of learning and discovery.

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