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Across South Australia 

I’ve spent the last week camped on the beach near Streaky Bay.  South Australia has some really great free campsites.  This one was perfect! The beach was literally my yard. 

It was good to find such a lovely place to rest our feet. Leo thought so too, he spent a lot of time running up and down that beach and playing in the waves.  We won’t mention the maggoty fish head he had a good old roll in on one such adventure! 

Here he is, just about to be let off leash.  I snapped the pic first, because once that leash comes off, he’s ten miles up the beach! 

I came off the Nullabor just about broke. I had just enough to grab some food, petrol and gas for my van for the week.  One tank of fuel is not getting us far! So this place was perfect to wile away the days till I was a bit more financial. 

The beach inspired me.  I collected shells everyday and made them into jewelry, hair wraps and beach themed dream catchers.  They sold well when we spent a day in town, which was a nice surprise. 

Having restocked my funds, we hit the road again today, and made for Kimba, S.A.  I stayed here on my way through and really like this campground. We spent Christmas here and endured the insanely high temperatures. Thankfully, it’s a bit cooler on our return trip! 

Returning here feels a bit like coming home.  It’s nice to have access to unlimited water again and one of the big drawcards of this camp is that there is a shower here! This is absolute bliss for a dirty little gypsy that hasn’t had an actual shower in almost two weeks! I got into camp, got my washing done, washed my sheets (another luxury) and headed straight for the shower.  

So tonight, I feel like a queen.  Freshly washed and about to climb into a clean bed, minus the sand I gave up trying to get out of my sheets while living on the beach! Living in a van, on the beach, with a dog, sand gets everywhere! So that was another bit of housekeeping when I arrived in Kimba, sweep the beach out of my van! 

I’m planning on spending another day here, then we will keep on moving across South Australia.  

At this stage, I’m planning on making toward the N.S.W / Victorian border and following the Murray River, which is the actual physical border, along to my steady love, the Hume Highway.  This is the highway that runs through my homelands. I’ve a few friends and family to stop in on along the way, but I doubt I’ll last long over there. Talking to my daughter tonight, it’s actually autumn over there. Cold and wet! Eek! I’m still in summer out here! I’m seriously questioning the wisdom of heading back that way. 

Happy trails to you, my constant reader.  

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Esperance to Ceduna 

I’m slowly making my way back towards my homelands.  I spent a week or so in Esperance, it’s such a beautiful place. 

Having run into the devastation caused by the recent flooding in Western Australia, it was quite an adventure to get there.  I had to detour several hundred kilometres through the desert on dirt roads.  This was good though, as I usually stick to the tar, so it was something different. 

I was disappointed when I finally arrived though, to see those damn ‘free campers not welcome’ signs on the way into town.  It happens from time to time, mostly in the really touristy places.  It really is counterproductive to the town, as a ‘no free camping policy’ just tends to see my kind just drive on through.  If we’re welcome, we’ll stay and spend money in the town, not on the damn caravan parks.  I take umbrage at having to pay for a bit of ground and will avoid it at all costs, and I managed to do this in Esperance as well.  

But aside from this inconvenience, I really enjoyed spending some time here and making the most of the most beautiful beaches I’ve come across in my travels. 

Leo had a great time on the off leash dog beach.  He ran a muck! But damn, did he have fun.  The above picture is the naughtiest dog on West Beach, quite proud of himself.  
After we had soaked up the sun, sand and surf of Esperance, it was time to move on back up to Norseman and onto the Nullabor. My first crossing was an adventure and I looked forward to it.  This time though, I was kinda dreading that long, straight, lonely and endless stretch of highway.  

It wasn’t so bad though.  I had my gps set from Norseman to Ceduna and it was good to see the kilometers dropping down as I drove.  I did it pretty quick this time, only spending three nights out there.  

We had the necessary roadhouse stops to shower and refuel and I stopped for another look at the gorgeous views of the Bite. 

I even found this memorial for a man and his dog. 

The above is my feet, not fifteen minutes after I’d had a shower and scrubbed the Nullabor dust from them.  It was after this I gave up and decided to embrace my dirty feet.  I’ve grown to like having dirty feet.  I look at them and know the day has been well spent. Dirty feet are a product of adventure, of walking the earth, gaining experiences and actually living life.  I had clean feet for much too long.  Seems the dirtier my feet, the happier I am.  

I’m currently camped just outside of Ceduna, South Australia, having made my second successful journey across the Nullabor.  We’re still riding the Eyre Highway, but will soon reach its end.  This is one highway I’ll never forget, though they all hold a special place in my heart, once I’ve lived, breathed and rode the length of them.  Not my first love affair with a highway and it won’t be my last.  

This trip has been very expensive and crossing the Nullabor has left me broke for the week.  You wouldn’t believe the fuel prices out there, especially on the W.A side.  It downright hurts at times! But all good, we just get to make camp for the week.  I want to have a better look around Ceduna over the weekend and then we’ll look for a nearby campground to spend the week.  It’s a good chance to get a bit of maintenance work and simple repairs done on my car and van and I’ve already fixed a few little problems.  But on the whole, everything is running fairly well.  

Till next time, safe travels.  

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Perth, Western Australia 

I’ve enjoyed my little break in Perth the last couple of weeks. Definitely a very welcome break from all this driving! I’ve been camped in the backyard of a friend in Thornlie, a suburb of Perth.  

Jo and I have been longtime online friends, so it was high time I paid her a visit to meet in real life.  I felt so welcome and right at home from the moment I arrived. Leo and Kiara also hit it off and were soon very firm friends. 

Thanks a lot Jo, Reg and Kiara, it was awesome to meet you all. I had a great time and truly felt at home. I hope to see you all again soon. Thanks for being my West Coast home base.   

I had a great time looking around Perth.  It really is a nice little city.  It is rather small, for a capital city, and very laid back.  Fremantle was a highlight. It was good wandering around there soaking up the colour, especially with locals to guide me around. 

Freemantle by night. 

Perth city skyline by night. 

Beautiful big tree wrapped in fairy lights in Fremantle. 

Walking the sandbar.

By the sea. 

This is the sun setting over the ocean.  First time I have seen this, being the easterner that I am.  It was really something to see.  Up there as one of my West Coast highlights. 

Perth skyline. 

Perth is very colorful by night.  Lots of beautiful attractions to be found. 

Next up, I’m moving further north up the coast to Geraldton. 

Until next time Perth, stay cool. 

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Roads and Rivers

This is my backyard tonight, a reserve just outside of Benalla. I prefer to get off the highway overnight and by the river is always a goal.  

I’m currently working my way back up north to Young, mostly to pick up my dog. He had to stay with my daughter, as no dogs allowed at Earthcore, which was my main reason for venturing down into Victoria this time.  

Living like this is quite different to just taking trips, as I had been doing.  I’m always thinking about where to go to next.  Half the time, I have no idea! It’s nice to be this free and be able to please myself where and when I go.  

It does have its downsides though. What would be a relatively minor problem at home, can become a major hassle on the road. Two days ago I was informed, by a surprisingly kind policewoman, that my car was unregistered. I’ve been driving an unregistered car for weeks! Whoops! What I thought would be an easy fix, turned into a major hassle.  Apparently renewing registration across state borders is just not done. It took a morning on the phone and the kindness of a few strangers, before I got it sorted and was back on the road.  It was a hassle, but I’m still thankful to that nice copper that took pity on my major oversight and didn’t book me.  

I’ve found mechanical problems can really turn things upside down too. On my last trip, I ventured out into the outback. All was going well until I blew a trailer bearing just outside of Wilcannia, of all places.  I’ve never been so glad to have traveler grade NRMA cover.  If you travel like I do, it’s certainly worth the relatively small annual fee.  I would have paid a lot more than that then, the tow truck alone was a 600km round trip.  Thankfully that one was on the NRMA and they had me back on the road within a few days.  

You really need to think ahead living as a gypsy.  

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Finding Freedom

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. 

A lot has changed for me in that time.  

I’ve left my home and all that I’ve known for over fifteen years, for a life on the road. 

I have my car, my van and the few belongings I can carry.  

I’ve always wanted to do this, for as long as I can remember. To travel, to live simply, to explore far away places and to keep moving. So here I am.  

I’ve done a few trips leading up to this, which gave me some experience. But living like this full time is different from knowing you have a home to go back to. Now, my home comes with me, home is wherever I am.  

I’ve already found I get asked where I’m from a lot, and no one is ever satisfied with the answer of ‘anywhere and everywhere ‘. Being this transient is hard to grasp for the majority of people.  

I went to Melbourne for a few days to visit my best friend and found the city drives me crazy.  The traffic and fast pace of city life is just too overwhelming for me now.  I love the peace of the country.  I left the city craving the peace and solitude of the bush.  

Today I came to a quiet little campground beside a river.  Apart from the bees and cicadas, I have the place to myself.  Hot, sweaty and craving a shower, I went down to the river, stripped naked and bathed in the cool fresh waters.  I washed my dreads and just floated awhile.  Reveling in having this moment to myself.  

The river spoke to me, and here I found my direction , why I am doing this.  I choose this life of freedom, of no anchor, to learn to be at peace with myself.  To find contentment in my own company, to enjoy being alone.  Also, to become closer to the earth, to nature. To become less and less reliant on civilization and to know I can survive, even thrive, outside the constraints of everyday society. I’m not looking for something outside myself, I’m finding myself both out here and within. 

So now I wander, no fixed home, no fixed address. I’m full of goodbyes and not only do I learn to let go, I must.  I put my faith in the road and what lays beyond the next bend.  I open myself to adventure and all that comes my way.  


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