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Merry Esbat


Hope you are all enjoying tonight’s beautiful full moon, as I certainly am.

Tonight’s moon is in Virgo.
This is a good time to cast spells and perform workings in service of others.

To me, February’s moon is the Fruit Moon, which fits well with my local area. 
This is the time when stone fruit is harvested and there is an abundance of delicious fresh fruit available.

The February full moon in the Southern Hemisphere can also be dubbed the following names:

Harvest Moon
Grain Moon
Sturgeon Moon
Red Moon
Wyrt Moon
Corn Moon
Dog Moon
Barley Moon

Merry Esbat!

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The Heart Of Witchcraft

What is Witchcraft?


Witchcraft is casting circle under the light of a full moon.

Drawing up the energy of the earth, feeling it flow into your body, your soul.

Feeling earth energy merge into your own, your very being.

Feeling that energy pour from your body, to create a sphere of protection, of harmony.


Witchcraft is calling upon the elements that sustain life.

Feeling the breeze in your hair, on your face.

Feeling the wind cleanse your soul.


Feeling the solid earth beneath your feet.

Becoming still, becoming grounded, becoming as ancient stone.

2014-11-06 12.00.25

Feeling the gentle caress of water, reflecting moonlight in its depths.

The soft, pliant energy of the heart.

Feeling sadness, joy, all emotion together as one.


Feeling the heat of the summer sun.

The joy of adventure, the heat of desire.


Feeling it all entwine, come together, encircle you, empower you.

Feeling balanced, complete, one with creation.

2014-11-06 11.52.39

Witchcraft is the full moon in a starlit sky, bathing you in its ethereal silver glow.

Witchcraft is the moon reflected on a silver blade.

It is calling down the moon, invoking the lunar Goddess.

Watching her descend, enclosed in her silver light.

Spiralling light, bathing, filling, replenishing.

It is feeling the power of the Goddess around you, within you, becoming one, becoming her.

Witchcraft is completeness, empowerment, joy, love and wild abandon.


Witchcraft is the Charge of The Goddess, spoken in a voice that is no longer quite your own.

It is hearing the tones of the moon, the Goddess, flowing from your tongue.

2014-11-06 11.35.38

Witchcraft is the Great Rite.

The flash of blade thrust into chalice.

It is power, energy, magick.

It is partaking of the blessing.

Red wine, filled with power.


Witchcraft is moonlight, firelight, candlelight.

It is energy, power, empowerment.

Witchcraft is casting circle under the light of the moon.

Witchcraft is the Goddess, joining, as one.

Witchcraft is becoming one with the universe and knowing your are, at this moment, at the centre of it all.

2014-11-06 11.53.15



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Lunar Eclipse In October


Just a little heads up.
On the night of the October full moon, there will be a full lunar eclipse happening.

The Goddess has really put on a celestial show, these last few months, what with all those beautiful and powerful super moons.

I am especially excited about this eclipse, as with the weather finally warming up, this will be my first esbat circle of the year (Witch’s year) which I can comfortably hold outdoors.
This amazing event feels like a little ‘welcome back’ gift from Selene herself. 

What are your plans for this special Esbat?
Do you work with an eclipsed moon, or just enjoy the show?
I’d be interested in hearing some opinions and ideas on lunar eclipse energy. 

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Aquarian Super Moon

The energy of last nights moon was very strong.

Not surprisingly, as this was the super moon of the year, the closest the moon will be to the earth all year.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this was also an Esbat to celebrate, as it is the last Full Moon of Winter.

Unfortunately, it was much to cold to work outside in the moonlight, but it didn’t much matter, the energy of my indoor circle was crackling with life and joy.

Full Moon Ritual Altar

Full Moon Ritual Altar

I left my stones outside to charge and the strength of the moon has imbued them with a very strong energy.

They even look clearer and are sparkling with life, their colors enhanced by the moon’s rays.

I also charged some moon water, for use as an elixir and in ritual, capturing the power of this amazing moon in a bottle.

Super Full Moon

Super Full Moon at Moonrise

2014-08-10 06.47.39

2014-08-10 10.36.29

2014-08-10 10.36.45

Moon Rays

Moon Rays

2014-08-10 10.34.48How did you celebrate last night’s super Full Moon?


More Moon Photos?

Full Lunar Cycle

More Super Moon

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The Best Of The Super Moon

This month’s Full Moon is a special one.

As well as being our last Winter moon, it is also a Super Moon.

We have had several Super Moons this year, but this month’s will be the biggest and brightest of them all.

2014-08-09 06.21.15

I am really looking forward to working with the energy of this glorious moon, though I am a bit sad that it will be too cold to hold my rites outdoors, in the moonlight.

Outdoors is preferable, but being miserably cold is not very conducive to good ritual!

2014-08-09 06.20.02

2014-08-09 06.21.44Merry Esbat!



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A Magick Circle

Last night’s full moon energy was amazing.
My circle was positively vibrant with magickal energy.

After having used fairy lights to decorate my altar for Yule, I was inspired to use them to mark the boundary of my circle.
I highly recommend this.
As well as providing light, they lend a bright and happy atmosphere to the circle.

I was so happy with last nights workings, and the beauty of my circle, I just had to share these photos with you all.







I hope your circle was as filled with light and life as mine was last night.

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Full Moon Magick

Merry Esbat Witches and Pagans!

It is currently 10.30pm and I am waiting for my Daughter to finish her shift at work, so I can go and pick her up and start my ritual.

I get very restless when ritual time is drawing near.

That is a good thing though, as it makes raising energy in the circle that much easier.


It is very cloudy here tonight and though I can’t see the moon, I can certainly feel her lunar energy!


Here are some photos of full moons past, as getting one tonight is impossible.

Merry meet!

Moon Rise

Moon Rise

Full Moons past

Full Moons past


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Full Moon In Sagittarius

Last night’s full moon was, as usual, mystical and magickal.
A fine lacework of fast-moving cloud, made the night sky look so darkly beautiful, it took my breath away.


I got a lucky break this Esbat, as it wasn’t too cold, surprising for a winter’s night, and tonight it is bucketing down rain, so outdoor rites would have been impossible.

This was my first Esbat celebration with the addition of a roaring fire bucket centre circle.
The fire-light certainly contributed to the atmosphere of my sacred space, lending it’s magick, and certainly, the heat of a good fire.
An addition of light and heat made for a more celebratory atmosphere as well.


Laying beside the fire, feeling a deep connection to the earth below and the glowing moon above, I felt the true magick of the witch.
To be in the circle, surrounded by the elements, is a feeling that is hard to describe to one that has never experienced it.
It is such a deep connection, a unity of the soul.
Truly knowing you are a part of the earth, the universe, that it is a part of you.


I always come away from the circle feeling the deepest sense of peace and belonging.
It is why I follow this path, that feeling of ease and connection.
It brings the surety that there is more to our lives, a purpose to our living and dying.
It is not hope, it is knowing.
That is magick.


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Merry Esbat


The full moon is so breathtakingly beautiful tonight!

There is a lot of talk about the moon being full on Friday the 13th.
But for all intents and purposes, tonight is the night, Thursday the 12th.
The moon will reach it’s peak at 2.30 pm on the Friday, but by the time it has risen, here in Australia, it will already have begun to wane.

This is why a good moon calendar, or app, is essential for today’s witch; you have to know the time the moon hits full illumination, after that time, you are working with it’s darker aspect.

The picture is of my kitchen window-sill, the only window in my house that faces the rising moon.
Each Esbat, after moon rise, I light these candles, one for each aspect of the lunar cycle.

Tonight will be wonderful, as I can again take my rites outside.
Being winter, it has been too cold and I have been driven indoors.
To counteract this, I recently purchased a fire pit.
This will be my first winter moon complete with the warmth and light of fire.

A merry Esbat to you all!

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Libra Esbat

Merry Esbat all! 
This month the moon is in the astrological house of Libra.
It is a beautiful night for soaking up the moon’s rays here tonight.




The balance of Libra was present as the moon and sun rose and set at the same time. Truly magick.


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