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Nature’s Craft Supplies

I often find inspiration in nature.
Finding a certain object on the ground, I am thinking, ‘Now, I can do something with that…’
So it was, when I came across some cherry tree prunings on my evening walk.
I picked them up, not really sure exactly what they would become as I did.
But by the time I had gotten home, I had a purpose in mind for them.


Years ago, I used to make dreamcatchers.
I thought I had forgotten the art, but as I picked up the string, it all came flowing back.

I am an avid collector of feathers, always picking them up and usually bringing home several on any given outing.
Turns out this little idea was a great way to use up some of my plentiful feather supplies too.

So I’m pretty happy with my creative vision today.
I created a very witchy looking wall hanging to fill a bare space on my wall, using mostly found materials, and rediscovered an old skill in the process.


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A Bag For Ghosts

I received my latest Tarot deck in the mail yesterday, and fell in love with it straight away.
The Ghost Tarot features the most beautifully evocative images of all the decks I own.
This will be a deck that I will work with frequently.


These cards are so wonderful, I wish I could share them all with you.

Such a great deck requires a bag that does it justice, so I dug out my ever-growing collection of fabric to find the perfect fit.
This is what I came up with.



I am so very fond of this particular fabric, I even used it to make my new Book Of Shadows
It is just so perfectly witchy.
I think it also fits a ghostly deck just as well.
My bets are that it would also make one bad arse dress!

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Daily Tarot


The Ace of Wands is the initial spark. A spark of creativity, ambition or sexual energy. It holds the promise of success, adventure and confidence.

What is your passion, your deepest desire? Discover it, make it real, breathe life into it. Like the fire that the suit of Wands symbolizes, it needs fuel and nurture to bring it to life. Spend too much time procrastinating and that little spark will wink out of existence. Feed the flames, follow your desire and watch that small source of ignition become a raging bonfire of achievement.

The spark that is the Ace of Wands, is in your hands. What will you do with it?

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Batty Bag

Themed Tarot bag for the Vampyre tarot, now complete with black ribbon. You can’t see it here, but it is also lined with black satin. Suits the mood of this deck perfectly.


More projects?

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Daily Tarot


Freedom, carefree and great enthusiasm for the adventures of life.

On the verge of a new creative exploration or stage of life, you are full of enthusiastic wonder at the possibilities ahead. Don’t hold back, follow your heart, your passions, wherever they may lead you.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself or your individuality. Share your enthusiasm with anyone that will listen, your lust for life is infectious and a joy to be around.


More Court Cards?

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Daily Tarot


Wonder, delight and Inspiration. - Page of Cups - Witches Tarot -

I draw the Page of Cups a lot. I think it is because I am a very creative person, taking a lot of my inspiration from the earth and elements. 

The Page of Cups is filled with the wonder and delight of childhood. Take some time out of your day to try and recreate that magick for yourself.  Take a walk through the bush, go to the beach. Marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you. Find inspiration in the shapes of the clouds, the bark patterns of a tree. Feel the simple joy of finding small crustaceans in a rock pool.
When you return home, write, paint, draw what you have absorbed. Really harness the energy of this Page and gift your creation to a friend or family member. 

Alternatively, take joy in the small things. Be happy to be alive, to feel the sun on your skin, to play with your pets.

Joy, delight, wonder and happiness is the order of the day.

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Drawstring Tarot Bag

I have made a few of these, but I really like this one. It is a lined,  drawstring Tarot bag. I make one for each deck, and try to match the material design to the feel of the deck it will carry. Another benefit of being able to sew.


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Wendy the Witch

Presenting Wendy the Witch….


My second doll, but the first of my own design. Extremely pleased with how well she turned out. I still want to put some buckles on her shoes, but apart from that she is complete. I have named her in honor of my sewing teacher, Wendy, who has taught me all I know.


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