The Elements

Observances on the elements


U is for Undine.


Undines are the Elemental spirits of Water, they are beings of pure love and intuitive awareness.

Being composed of only their natural element, Elementals can be quite hard to understand and comprehend by us, who are made up of a balance of all elemental attributes.

Undines can not be expected to hold still for too long, as they flow like water and stillness is of earth.

Elementals cannot be reasoned with, as they do not hold the reasoning power of air.

Undines are not known for their sensibility, they function purely on emotion alone.

You can only attract an Undine, appealing to her innate sense of love and tenderness.


Undines are soft, loving and gentle, but they are also mesmerizing.

They have the power to enthrall and hypnotize, so care must be taken when working with these creatures, as with all Elementals.

Undines prize beauty, ecstasy, love and compassion.

They adore emotion in all its forms, whether it be sorrow or happiness.

imagesUndines live in the West, the direction of water.

The West is where the sun sets, symbolic of endings, death and mourning.

They are creatures of the evening twilight and the season of Autumn.

Undines are raindrops, rivers, oceans and tears.

They may appear as mermaids or beings composed of slowly moving water, like rain down a window pane.


Undines are best invoked for cleansing and purification, psychic and psychological healing, love, purification and weather spells.






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Element of Earth

Earth is the element I have left for last.

Mainly, because it is the hardest concept to grasp.

Earth is so vast, so huge, so ‘everything’.

The Planet that is Earth, is difficult to put into words.

2013-09-29 15.22.14

Earth is the ground, the soil.

Solid, supportive, nurturing.

Earth is the trees, their roots entwined deep within the earth, grounded and connected.

Earth provides us a home, the very basics of home.

A solid footing on which to build, to sow seeds, to harvest.

Earth nurtures, provides us sustenance.

Earth holds a seed, enclosed within a womb of soil, giving birth to the fruits and grains that sustain us.

Earth is material, reality, something we can walk upon, lie upon, connect to the ancient rhythms held within.

october 2012

Earth surrounds us with beauty, the ever-changing seasons.

Spring provides growth, new beginnings, a fresh start.

Flowers bloom, grain sprouts from the dirt, the sap rises within the tree.


Summer brings green, mature growth.

Trees give shade from the relentless heat of the sun.

Farmers watch crops grow and begin the harvest, another years food supply.


Autumn is a gradual winding down.

The Earth takes a breath, and becomes still.

She dons her most beautiful robes, the flush of red, yellow and orange, the wonder of an autumn leaf.

Leaves change colour, curl up, fall from branches, returning back into the earth  from which they came.

Weir and Arboretum June 6th 2013 (19)

Winter is death, dormancy, yet preparing for rebirth.

Buds appear on the trees, bulbs break the soil.

Even in winter, in her slumber, the earth gives forth.
Every year she sleeps, every year she awakens.

The Earth is reincarnation, resurrection.


The earth is a cave, deep, dark and still.

The womb of Gaia.

Earth is the mountain, rocks and soil reaching toward the sky.

Earth can be insurmountable, Mt Everest.

Or Earth can be a comfortable and welcoming meadow.

2013-11-25 14.01.03

Earth is also a vessel, holding fire within her belly, her molten core.

She holds the rivers, lakes and oceans.

Earth gives us life, but like all the elements, she can serve us death and destruction.

An earth tremor is a pretty humbling experience.

A full-blown earth quake, reminds us of how small we really are.

When the ground shakes and rips herself apart, we know we are at her mercy.


Earth is quiet, peace and stillness.

The deep dark soil, which we return to in death.

Where she cradles our bones,  slowly returning our bodies to the soil.

In death we become one with the earth.

We become her.

2014-07-02 04.30.00

Earth gives us life, yet we continually give her death.

We strip, rape and plunder her body.

Digging deep for the stones and metals she holds within.

We strip her of oil, her lifeblood.

We poison her soil, her lakes, rivers and streams.

We tear down forests, even mountains.

We gouge out pieces of her body, to build roads, towns and cities.

We leave her naked, ripped and torn, then we dig some more.

Yet, even as she receives the most appalling treatment, she still gives for us, nurtures and provides for us, her tormentors.

healthy food

Earth corresponds to midnight, darkness, quiet, stillness, sensuality and abundance.

The Element of earth is deep midnight, within the darkest days of winter.

Harsh, cold, still.

The Earth Elemental is the Gnome.

The Direction of Earth is North.

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Boreas – The North Wind

I am Boreas, the Wind of the North.

Boreas - Old Man Winter

Boreas – Old Man Winter

I am the bitter chill of mid-winters night,
The snow which falls through the darkness,
frost settled on frozen and arid ground.

I am the frigid northern wind, which howls around the eaves.
I am the grass that crackles beneath your step, brittle ice on a winter night.

I am old age.
The grey which streaks your hair,
The arthritis creeping into your joints.
I am the wrinkle on your brow,
The unease of your mortality.

I am midnight.
The deep darkness of night, the longest of the year.
I am the deep stillness of that night, the quiet of the earth.

I am Yule.
The Winter Solstice, my darkness never wanes.
I am the earth, sleeping, barren, unforgiving.

I am the Earth.
The subterranean stillness, the soil which cloaks you in death.
I am stillness, peace, the depths of the unchartered cave.


I am North.
I am winter.
I am Earth.
I am darkness.
I am midnight.
I am old age.

I am Boreas, the Wind of the North.


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Four Things


Another Instagram photo challenge entry that I am proud of.  Today’s theme is four things. I chose four elements. 
These aces are from the Vampyre Tarot.

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Element of Fire

Fire is summer. White hot heat in the sky. Blazing, relentless and unforgiving Sun. Wilting the landscape under its powerful rays. Crisp and dry, brown and dead. During the hottest hours of the day, all seek the shade, relief under the parched leaves of the trees.

Blazing summer sun

Blazing summer sun

Out here, the heat is unforgiving, the Sun a blazing death. To be caught unprepared is a death sentence. Thirst, dehydration, fatality. A slow, intolerable and parched demise.

The heat of an Australian summer is intense, as is another aspect of it, bushfire. Every summer, the bush burns. Razed by fire, total destruction, an epic show from this mighty force of nature. A full-scale bushfire is an awe-inspiring and dreadful sight. Many lose their homes, their livelihoods, their lives. Wild animals are burnt to death, unable to escape the raging, flashing flames. Fire-fighters, courageous, brave these front lines, trying their hardest to reduce the impact. They turn fire against itself, back burning is surprisingly effective, to a point.

Gum trees flourish after bushfire

Gum trees flourish after bushfire

But even the destruction of wildfire has its benefits. Afterwards, the bush is cleansed, undergrowth burnt away, earth and trees charred and blackened. All is scorched, burnt a deathly black. But, before long, green shoots begin to break through the ash. Within weeks, new growth has flourished. Old, sparse growth becomes new shoots, thick and green. Gum trees disperse their seeds, fertilized by ash, life from death. An astonishing amount of wildlife survives, emerging from hiding. Fire has brought cleansing, renewal, fresh growth, new life.

Fire is also winter. A roaring log fire beats back the cold, drawing aside the darkness. The lights of home shining like a beacon on a cold, wet night. Here, fire is warmth, welcome, safety. It is a hot meal, a hot drink, a log fire. But here, as well, fire is two-sided. All to easily, ready to escape the hands that created it. Fire can warm us, make a house a home. It can just as easily burn that home to the ground. A moment of complacency, and all is lost.

Warmth, light, comfort and safety.

Warmth, light, comfort and safety.

Created with care and maintained with respect, fire is our ally. A campfire in the cold, or a bushfire destroying everything in its path. A welcoming home, a house reduced to ash. Fire is warmth, destruction, ash, heat, renewal, cleansing and comfort. Fire is a most powerful force, but used wisely, it gives warmth, hot food and water, a home that beckons us in from the cold.

The Sun - Witches Tarot

The Sun – Witches Tarot

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Element of Water

In an aqueous embrace we begin our lives, caressed by the waters of the womb.

In this cocoon of immersion, we begin to develop, to grow, to prepare for the outside world.

All we know is water and darkness.

A quiet, peaceful, calm.

From the salty waters of the womb to the salted water of the ocean, water is the constant throughout our lives.


Water is the river, the ocean , the rain.

It is the tamed and domesticated drinking water supplied to our homes.

Water is the air of the fish, who live and breathe it.

It is the saline, breaking waters of the ocean, the womb of The Goddess, both beautiful and dangerous, reaching off into the horizon.

Calm blue ocean, refreshingly cool on a hot Summers day.

Wild, treacherous and icy cold during the winter months.

At its hazardous peak, it drags men to their deaths, a watery grave under its frigid depths.

The ocean, ruled only by the Moon and its tidal pull.


Water is the river, supporting the towns and cities sprawled along its banks.

Rivers that are the veins, the very life blood, of the countryside.

Farmers draw from the river to give life to their crops, the crops that feed a nation.

In times of drought, as the rivers recede and flow away to nothing but a stagnant puddle, entire communities shrivel, livelihoods are lost.

Animals come to drink but die slow miserable deaths, when they find the river bare.

Death is a part of life in country Australia.

The animals die, along with the grass, the trees, the farms, the towns.

All hope is lost, life becomes harder as the river stops.

The sky is mercilessly clear and water tanks run dry.

We pray for rain, manna from the heavens.

Prayers go unanswered and the terrain stays barren.

Sometimes for months, sometimes years.


Then one glorious day, clouds begin to gather upon the horizon, dark clouds, clouds pregnant with rain.

People mumble excitedly, not quite daring to hope.

Then it breaks.

Rain soaks the cracked, hard as granite, ground.

Soaking down into the depths of the Earth, finding the dormant, drought resistant seeds, deep underground.

As it flows downhill, the rivers start to rise and begin to flow once more.

Crops are watered, cattle get to drink, the survivors among the wild fauna return to the river.

The countryside takes on a blush of green.

The trees sprout new growth.

Life itself, is again restored.


Water is also fun, recreation during the summer months.

Fishing, boating, swimming.

People come from near and far, flocking to the dams and lakes for the Christmas holidays.

An escape from the relentless heat, swimming deep into the cool waters of the dam.

Feeling the sleek water wrap around your body, hair trailing out behind you.

Water that is warm on top but cooler the further you descend.

It has an earthy, mineral smell that permeates your clothes, body and hair for days after your swim.

In a good year the dam is full, at capacity.

Spillways open, allowing the water to run downstream, filling the river.

During a bad year, drought, it can be not much more than a puddle.















Our bodies are made up of a high composition of water.

We will perish from thirst long before we will succumb to hunger.

Water is our constant companion throughout our lives and as with the other three elements,  we cannot survive long without it.

From our very conception and growth, in the waters of the womb, water is our life source.


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Element of Air.

Air is my wind chimes, tuneful and soothing. Singing their ethereal song on the afternoon breeze.
Air is the smoke of incense, scented clouds upon the air, becoming the air, impregnating the air with its delicate scent.
Air is the sound of the wind blowing around the eaves, sometimes gentle, sometimes howling with angst and fury.

Air blows in the storm and with it the rain.
Air blows them both away again, revealing a blue sky.
Air is the weather, the storm, the howling gale.
Air has the power to topple trees and the creations of man.
Wind can devastate and destruct.

2014-10-27 01.03.39

Standing into the wind is refreshing, invigorating, and sometimes cold, making you draw your coat tighter around yourself, your hair and clothes flapping in the blast.
During summer, air flows in from the west, hot, dry and harsh, carrying upon it the smell of smoke, summer bush fires.
The smell of the fire that it feeds, that which air gives life and devastating power too.

Air is refreshing, a cool breeze stirring the heat of the day, bringing some relief from the relentless sun.
In my modern home, air brings heat and warmth, keeping us comfortable, making our house a home.

Air is what we breathe, it is life.
Every breath from the first to the last, is air.
A baby is given life as it takes it’s first breath and life is taken back as we breathe our last.


Air teases the trees, light and playful on a summers day.
Air strips dead leaves from bare branches in autumn.
As the trees sway and blow in the wind, anything not secured goes tearing off, as if tossed by invisible hands.

Air is everywhere, all around us.
Air is the clouds in the sky, air is the sky.
Air is an eagle riding high above the earth on the thermal currents.

2013-11-12 14.40.59

Air is the wind, blowing delicately, or a roaring cyclone.
Air before the storm driving horses skittish and wild, running and bucking, delirious with energy.

Air is life, it is also death.
Air sends us scurrying for cover, as cyclonic winds rip through and destroy entire cities.
Air is tornadoes, scarring and demolishing the earth where they touch down.

Air carries upon it bacteria, virus, contagion.
The common cold and the plague.

Air is the wind, it is also stillness.
It sits in witness to deeds both kind and horrific.
Air is an eternal presence, sustaining us, surrounding us, caressing our skin.
It shapes the clouds , giving life to imagination.
It symbolizes thought, wisdom and word.
Air is every thought in our head, every word we speak.
It is whispered sweet nothings between lovers and the screaming argument between foes.
Air is how we relate to and understand each other.

Air is integral to us.
Life, breath, thought, speech, imagination.
Sky, cloud, warmth, scent.
Wind, wisdom and knowledge.
This is the Element of Air.

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