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Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is the card of the warrior. One that is courageous,  prepared to stand strong for what they believe in. They don’t do it for the glory or accolades, they fight because it is right.

I recently came across a post on Facebook.
A survivor of breast cancer, baring her treatment ravaged body to the world. 
Her womanly shape, scarred and disfigured, she nevertheless holds herself with pride, inferring that although she no longer met the standard of beauty, that is so relentlessly forced upon women of all ages, she was proud of her body and the battle it had overcome.
She had fought and she had won.

Now wearing her battle scars with pride, with a stubborn refusal to hide her body in shame, she seeks to inspire other women.
Not only in the fight against cancer, but against the stereotype of female beauty, the expectations of perfection.

These photos, this woman, and countless others like her, are the embodiment of the Nine of Wands. Refusing to lie down in defeat,  refusing to be shamed into keeping their bodies hidden. These women are the true warriors.  Women that fight for their honor and self-worth,  and that of all other women like them.

Under the Red Dress

More Tarot?

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Daily Card

I am going to try something new. Each morning I draw a card, from whichever deck takes my fancy. I give this card a quick study, then set it aside. Throughout my day I think about events, people and situations that relate to this card. At the end of the day I write-up all my thoughts and ideas. Usually I can find  synchronicity that relate to the card of the day. Sometimes, I haven’t a clue. Cards coming under this “I don’t know’ banner, are usually Major Arcana. I have a theory that this is events that have been set in motion, that will eventually involve me. Most times, the Majors relate to other people, family or friends.

Sometimes I publish these journal entries, other times they are private or I just don’t want to share them. For this new Daily Card thing, I will just post my card in the mornings, along with my keywords for that particular card. I will leave it to you to find your own connections. I would also be interested to hear how you relate these cards to your day, or even a life event, so feel free to comment. I love comments.

Today’s card is the Two of Cups, drawn from the Witches Tarot.

True Love -  Two of Cups   -Witches Tarot-

True Love – Two of Cups -Witches Tarot

Two of Cups is: Partnership, Commitment, Harmony, True Love.

Two of Cups and teenage love –  https://spinningwebbs.com/2014/01/21/two-of-cups/

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Page of Cups

I am a very fortunate woman, in a very fortunate position. I have very few responsibilities. I don’t work, due to my knee problems, and don’t really need too. For a lot of people, this would mean having way to much time on your hands, but this doesn’t apply to me. I have so many hobbies and interests, I am never bored. In fact, I wish there were more hours in the day in which to fit it all in!

I have the freedom of waking in the morning and being able to decide what I will do that day. Will I sew, play guitar, knit, crochet, do some Tarot work? Or maybe just while away a few hours on the PlayStation? Somedays, it is all of the above.

Wonder, delight and Inspiration. - Page of Cups - Witches Tarot -

Wonder, delight and Inspiration. – Page of Cups – Witches Tarot –

My life is a lot like the Page of Cups. I am completely free to indulge my creativity, to make and create. The freedom to find wonder in  fresh inspiration, to learn, nurture and watch it grow.

Not many get to enjoy the privilege of this freedom that I do. Days filled with the drudgery of full-time work, or the responsibility of caring for young children, is the norm for most.

Even the rare ones that, for whatever reason, are at home like me, sit around complaining they are bored. I don’t understand this. Boredom is never a part of my life. How can it be, when there is so much to learn, to explore and discover.

The internet is an open book, the Akashic Records. Humanity’s entire store of knowledge at our fingertips.

The Page of Cups seeks and finds wonderous things on the beach, I do this on the Interwebs. There is so much possibility there, that I just don’t understand how one can possibly be bored. Maybe it is just the mark of the dull mind, those that constantly cry boredom.

Me, I am full of wonder and delight at the prospects. Possibilities of learning and growth, that the human race has never seen the likes of before.  Like this Page, I embrace it with glee, letting the waves of knowledge  and inspiration wash over me.

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Two of Cups

A big welcome to my first guest blogger, Drew. She is 15 years old and currently in a relationship with her first boyfriend. She is also my daughter!

Who better to relate the rush of first love than a teenage girl. Enjoy..

Love and happiness - The Two of Cups   -Witches Tarot-

Love and happiness – The Two of Cups -Witches Tarot

The Two of Cups is a card I can personally relate to. It represents my experience of falling in love for the first time. Particularly, it represents the day I began my relationship with my boyfriend.

Once a year, the show (or carnival) rolls into town. I had made plans to go with a boy I’d recently struck up a friendship with. In the days leading up to the event, my stomach was swarming with butterflies.

Finally, the big day arrived. We spent the day riding the sideshows, scoffing fairy floss and soaking up the atmosphere. I couldn’t believe it, I was falling in love.

There was one particular ride, absolutely terrifying, that I had no intention of going on. Although, my companion was strangely insistent on giving it a go. In the end, his persistence won out and I found myself upside down, fifty feet in the air, clutching my harness for dear life!

At its highest peak, the ride momentarily stopped, giving us a brief chance to admire the view of the lights of the fairground. It was at that moment that my companion, and now boyfriend, asked me out.

I was out of breath, my hair was a mess, gravity was certainly taking its toll. I was surely not looking my best!

“Really?” I asked. Though I knew he had meant what he had said, he wasn’t kidding. “Yes!” I said, quickly, as I felt the ride tipping again to the point of descent. I felt a rush of excitement, adrenaline and happiness, and not solely from the rush of the ride!

Security, joy, excitement, anticipation, love and happiness. I now associate these feelings with the Two of Cups.

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Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups has a mournful feel, an energy of loss and regret. It makes me feel sad and I can feel her longing for a better life.

Transition, Regret, Destiny - Eight of Cups   -Witches Tarot-

Transition, Regret, Destiny – Eight of Cups -Witches Tarot

It reminds me of those women who are so very desperately unhappy. On the surface they appear to have it all, a loving Husband, children, big house, nice car. But despite all that, she has a deep, unfulfilled longing for something else. None of this is enough for her.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, she just walks out. Leaving behind everything, her children included. This is a purely selfish act. In her deep longing for something ‘more’, she leaves a smoking black hole in her wake. Her kids are left without a mother, her husband left grieving for the sudden loss of his much-loved wife.

But this card is more about her, her longing, her need, her sadness and regret. It is what she goes towards, not what she leaves behind. I get the feeling that she isn’t sure of what the future brings, of what her next move will be. She will just follow alongside the shore, the turmoil of her emotions, seeing where it takes her.

She isn’t thinking clearly, she has just followed her heart. Was it hard to leave a whole life behind? Undoubtably it was. I feel that she carries with her a heavy heart, a lot of regret and pain. But her deep discontent has overrode all. She has walked out that door and now she is free. Free to walk into whatever the future brings. She does not look back, only forwards, to whatever may come her way. Maybe if she did look back right now, she would lose her courage and return to her home, her life. But this too, would only bring more regrets. A grief for what could have been, for the rest of her days.

We don’t yet know if this was the right decision, as this is only a stage of transition. She has left, but knows not where this new path leads. Although she appears to be walking towards the dawn of a new day, a fresh start.

The dolphin beside her, emerging from the sea, could be her subconscious, knowing she is on the right path, urging her forward. Or is it that he is telling her to go back, that this is a huge mistake? Once again, I don’t think this is clear just yet.

So, the Eight of Cups is a card of transition, of looking forwards, of leaving something special behind. But it is leaving with a deep sadness and regret in your heart, though knowing, all the while, that this is something you must do. That this is your way forward, your destiny.



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Two of Swords

The Two of Swords brings to mind a character in one of my favorite, much read, books, Tully by Paullina Simons. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. As well as being a great read, it will also give you an in-depth understanding of the Two of Swords.

Doubt and Indecision.  Two of Swords- Witches Tarot

Doubt and Indecision. Two of Swords – Witches Tarot

Indecision is what this card is all about. It is sitting on the fence, hoping the problem will go away, without you having to decide one way or the other.

Funny thing is, I have written several posts about this card, and unhappy with each, I have deleted them. This is a good example of the energy of the Two of Swords. Self-doubt and hesitation are what this card is all about. It even seems to manifest in just trying to write about it!

The calm, reflective stillness of the water in the background is our way around this problem. Calm and logical reflection, putting your head before your heart. The waxing moon connects to the water, suggesting a new opportunity is possible here. The right choice could well lead to a new, unexplored path.

The blindfold symbolizes willful blindness. An ‘if I can’t see it, it will go away’ mentality. This approach is very rarely successful and will usually just lead to more problems.

Even the bench she sits on is suggestive of ‘sitting on the fence”, unwilling to fall to either side in a firm decision.

As with all the Twos, the card is also suggestive of balance. Of the two Swords she holds, we can see one is slightly less upright than the other, implying there is an area of your life that is slightly out of whack. Some time reflecting on your habits and routines will serve you well here.

Again, this post just doesn’t seem complete, and I am feeling indecisive about hitting the publish yet again. Think I’ll take my own advice here and just act on this one.

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Eight of Wands

Sometimes the cards can be very literal. No esoteric, mysterious meanings. Sometimes they can be so direct, I just have to laugh.

Next week I am going on holidays. My idea of a great holiday, camping. Living in a tent, swimming, eating, drinking lots of beer. We are going to a nearby dam, and the date is fast approaching. We have a lot of camping gear, so it takes a bit of organization to ensure nothing is left behind. In consequence, the lead up to a camping trip can be a bit hectic.

Fast Approaching, a holiday by the water.

Fast Approaching, a holiday by the water. Eight of Wands- Witches Tarot

 So, how funny I should pull this card. Wands are pure energy, there is a lot going on, and a lot to get done. Eights channel that energy in a specific direction. Here we see the Wands rushing into place. That place, a scenic and peaceful looking lake, or dam.

You don’t have to be a Tarot reader to take a meaning from this. A holiday, by the water, fast approaching. The lead up will be fast, furious and a bit hectic.  The end result, a laid back and tranquil holiday by the waters of the dam. Sounds good to me, I can’t wait.

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Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a breath of fresh air, bringing with it clarity, focus, new ideas and fresh inspiration.  The winds of change have the power to blow away the fog of illusion and misunderstanding, revealing a bright new truth. A truth that holds the potential for a new direction.

 Potential to soar - Witches Tarot

Potential to soar – Witches Tarot

This is the card of the fighter, the one who sees an injustice taking place and is ready to fly into battle, all guns blazing. This is the card of the social activist, the political protester. They fully understand the issues and know the truth, and they are prepared to fight for the greater good. As the suit of Swords stands for reason, logic and communication, our warriors are fully informed, knowledgable and able to voice their concerns most eloquently. Being such great communicators, they are easily able to sway others into seeing these issues in a new light. Cutting to the heart of the matter, the essential truth, is their specialty.

Ace of Swords is also a card of the highly intelligent and inspired, the card of the inventor.  Full of creative vision, you can see the light in their eyes as a brilliant new idea pops into their heads. Watch as they strategically plan and devise their concepts, working diligently until they have made their ideas a reality. Being a card of achievement and victory, this grand new invention is highly likely to become a great success.

The barren mountain landscape in the background shows how unemotional this card, and suit, is. It is positively mind over heart with the Swords and its Ace. A card of logic reason and truth. Lies and conjecture will  be exposed with the swift mental clarity of the Sword. Insight and understanding wins through. A card of great potential, it is up to the bearer of this sword as to what direction this powerful new vision will take. In other words, the Sword can be used for good or evil. Will you take up the Sword and fight for the greater good, or will you fight only for your own advancement? Wars have been fought, beginning with the energy of this card. Usually starting with great intentions, the end result is usually greed, power and self-advancement. Using the perception and insight of this Ace, could we not find a better means to an end? Here we find those who have fought injustice and changed the world. We also have the tyrannical despot, hell-bent on furthering his own power, collateral damage is no great upset for this type. His own power and riches is all that concerns him.

Personally, this card foretells of a brilliant new idea, a new direction. A fresh view of your circumstances and surroundings. Like the eagle on the Witches Tarot card, you have the potential to triumph, to soar above any and all challenges and difficulties life throws at you.

Ace of Swords also brings a warning. Beware of becoming to cold-hearted. This Sword is best wielded when intellect is combined with the compassion of Cups and the passion of Wands. Without both of these elements we risk becoming heartless, cold, callous and indifferent of the needs of those around us.

If your intentions are honorable and your heart is in the right place, you are in a great position to really make a difference.

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Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords is a card I can personally relate to, I have overcome its restrictive energies.

I have posted before about my battle with chronic pain, this card is how I beat it. Well, not quite, I still have it, and still struggle with it at times. But on the whole, I now live a relatively normal life. It took me a long time to get to this point, to realize I held the key all along.

Eight of Swords - From the Witches Tarot.

Eight of Swords – From the Witches Tarot.

Chronic pain is pretty well summed up in the Eight of Swords. She is bound, blind and helpless. If she moves, she will be cut and experience terrible pain. Here she has two choices: She can stand, frozen, frightened, and remain trapped, stuck in place among the Swords. Or, she can gather her wits, unlock the powers of her mind and find a way out. Notice behind her, there is a gap in the Swords, that seemingly surround her. It might take a long time to work herself free of the ropes that bind her, but even so, it is better than being frozen in place.

The rope represents the mind. It is the way that you think about your circumstances, that decides how bad it will be for you. To remind yourself of those that are so much worse off than you is a good start. Someone, right now, is breathing their last. Little kids with terminal cancer, but still with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. Children in third world countries that are starving, but are still so happy to receive the smallest of things. There are plenty more examples. Take a look at these things, and you realize that maybe, just maybe, things really could be worse.

The blindfold represents willful blindness. She refuses to see a path out, a future for herself. Behind her is a castle, shrouded in fog. If only she can find release, the castle, no doubt, will be hers. The castle here, is all her wishes and wildest dreams for herself. But she doesn’t see this, nor the gap in the Swords. She doesn’t want to. She is too busy feeling sorry for herself and blaming others for her predicament. She could also be using drugs or drinking heavily to numb her pain, but this is only helping to distort her predicament.  We also see a lake in the background, it is calm and clear. It symbolizes the emotions, and the emotional state she needs to reach. Only then can she achieve the mental clarity she needs to be able to see her way out. When your emotions are in turmoil, everything seems so much worse than it truly is and it is impossible to think clearly and decide the way forward.

Meditation is a big step now. Focusing the mind, clearing it of all the negativity and defeatist thinking. This is what helped me gain control over my pain levels. I can now tune out, relax, and actually get some sleep. Being sleep deprived is no help at all, it all just becomes a vicious cycle.

If our heroine can achieve these things, find some faith in herself, her ability and her body, which has seemingly turned on her;  she will then find she is able to slip her bonds and walk away from the restrictions of these eight swords.

Only then can she begin her journey towards her castle.

Her castle, her healing.

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Seven of Cups

Every morning I draw a card for myself. This is useful as it reveals the energy of the day ahead. The Seven of Cups is a good example of this. The following is an excerpt from my daily Tarot journal:

“I know the true feeling of this card after today. Unfocused, hectic and scattered energy.  I had so much I wanted to achieve. I worked all day and in the end had nothing to show for it!

My grand idea for the day was to whip up a quick bag for my new Tarot cards, something I have made several times in the past, with great success. Thinking I could get this out-of-the-way and get on with my main project, I set to work.

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups – Courtesy of Witches Tarot.

Well! I made two bags, both somehow too small and good for nothing. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Under the influence of the Seven of Cups , I was full of plans and ideas but achieved nothing. I should have given it away earlier, when it was obvious it was just going to be “one of those days”.  Instead I wasted the entire day, seemingly not able to get anything right. 

At least now I understand the underlying energies of this card.”

Now when this card appears in my daily reading, I take the day off, knowing full well that anything technical will likely be a write off. A good day to take my dog to the park instead.


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