A View of Imbolc

In the depths of winter does the earth begin to stir.

Imbolc celebrates the gradual awakening of the earth, as the light of the sun strengthens.

This is Imbolc through my lens, in country Australia…

2014-08-13 12.03.41

The first early blooms of the season


As the light waxes, does Gaia awaken from her winter slumber


Lambing season begins and with it comes milk


Even in the grip of winter, the signs of flourishing life are all around

Fire- Element of Cleansing and Purification

Fire- Element of Cleansing and Purification

2014-08-02 04.46.32

The pure white blossoms of the Maiden Goddess


Imbolc ritual – celebrating the awakening of Gaia

2014-08-02 05.05.11

The paddocks are full of frolicking lambs


waxing 12%

Imbolc is equated with the waxing crescent moon

2014-08-02 05.44.22

The herald of Imbolc in country Australia, the golden-yellow blooms of wattle, symbol of the returning sun


The Goddess Awakens

The Goddess Awakens


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2 thoughts on “A View of Imbolc

  1. wondering if you could do a room tour for us because all those tiny bits of decoration you show us makes me curious ūüôā

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