I’ve Been Busy


My latest creation, this cute little summer dress.
It was intended for my little niece, but due to a sizing mix up, it is too small for her!
I really could have kicked myself when I realized my mistake.

Luckily for me, after this stuff-up, my lovely Husband has purchased a dressmaker’s mannequin for me, so this particular error won’t happen again.
As my niece lives several hours away, I have had to work on measurements alone, which makes it impossible to actually ‘fit’ it to her.
The mannequin serves as a stand in, I can try it on and make adjustments to her body.
If I had had it as I made this dress, I wouldn’t have stuffed it up so irretrievably.

I am now working on another dress for my niece and have put this one up for sale on Ebay.
I shouldn’t have to much trouble selling it, as it is so cute and comfortable.
Nothing like a light cotton dress for those hot summer days. 

Dressmaking can be quite unforgiving, one little mistake can spell disaster.
But for every mistake like this that I make, I learn a tough lesson.
Those lessons serve to make me a better seamstress, and I don’t make the same mistake twice.
Each garment I make is an improvement on the last.

Dressmaking does take a lot of patience, but the pay off is definitely worth it.
I love wearing, and seeing people wear, something that I have created.

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