Lunar Eclipse In October


Just a little heads up.
On the night of the October full moon, there will be a full lunar eclipse happening.

The Goddess has really put on a celestial show, these last few months, what with all those beautiful and powerful super moons.

I am especially excited about this eclipse, as with the weather finally warming up, this will be my first esbat circle of the year (Witch’s year) which I can comfortably hold outdoors.
This amazing event feels like a little ‘welcome back’ gift from Selene herself. 

What are your plans for this special Esbat?
Do you work with an eclipsed moon, or just enjoy the show?
I’d be interested in hearing some opinions and ideas on lunar eclipse energy. 

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3 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse In October

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  2. Reblogged this on hootsville and commented:
    i can not wait

  3. I don’t personally do workings during the eclipse but I found a link that might give you some ideas

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