Winter Winds of Change (My Inner Goth)

Tomorrow is the first day of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and it certainly feels it.
I’ve removed the Autumn leaves from my altar and made a few more changes to suit the season.


I love setting up my winter altar, black and minimalist, it appeals greatly to my inner goth.


I found the branch today, dropped from a pine tree, a sign that it is time for a change.
Sitting here now, candles aglow, I love how it reflects the skeletal hands of the branch up the wall.


This altar reminds me of why I love the dark part of the year and feel most at home with the crone aspect of the Goddess.

Winter is a time of quiet, of looking inward.
It is a time to meditate and reflect on the year that has passed.
I love to sit quietly at my winter altar, meditate and just ‘be’.

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